MOBILE PHONE: The Malevolent Friend 

Dcoded a yearly Campus Talk Show held at the Bank of Ghana Auditorium, University of Ghana Legon marks difference in the lives of many by bringing together all most especially the youth.

By Theresa Kpordzo, CCO News

The talk show since its inception served as an educative program for the youth most especially on campus, happens once in a semester with the purpose of offering objective perspective to challenges and stimulate the strategic thinking base on the need of the audience/youth.

The third edition of Dcoded Show which focused on “Nomophobia (mobile phone)” witnessed Rev. Fr. Anthony Afriyie Amponsah, the heart of Career and Counseling Centre host four resource persons from specific fields to share their experiences and the way forward to the young ones on Mobile Phone Addiction and its effect on the individuals in the society.

Mobile Phone generally causes more harm than good according to the Resource Persons in their various fields of professions. They hammered on the negative impact of the Mobile Phone in our current generation.

Prof. Emeritus Oheneba Boaky – Agyei, Orthopedic Surgeon and Founder and CEO of FOCOS Hospital admonished that the phone helps in many ways but its rightful uses will prevent the havocs it cause. He gave a solution that the direct usage of the cell phone is not healthy due to the radiation effects so rather we use headsets or earphones.

Too much time spent with the phone affects the body most especially the eye. Some might not see the effect immediately but gets to suffer in the nearest future, statement made by Dr. Wendoline Owusu Aseidu-Twum, a Snr. Ophthalmologist-Medical Director; Emmanuel Eye Centre.

Gladys Setordzie, a Clinical Psychologist stated that Statistic shows that the addictive element in our world today is mobile phone which many do not know. She encouraged all to minimize the use of digital gadgets and to download a blue filter or filter screen to avoid damage of the eye.

The Deputy Director-Cybercrime Unit: Ghana Police Service, DSP Emmanuel Eric Gyebi quantified that due to the enough time spent with Phone especially on social media, majority of people commit crimes such as insults, posting of nude pictures, degrading ones reputation in one way or the other. 

Some gave their impressions how interesting the show had been to them


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