UNITE IN THE MIDST OF CRISIS… A plea to the Nigerian Community 

The President of St. Francis of Assisi Society (An Accra Archdiocesan Nigeria Community), Bro. George Adeyinka Olajide on the occasion of 2019 Agape Celebration called for the “The Bond of Unity” between the two Anglophone countries in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa: Ghana and Nigeria.

Following the closure of some shops belonging to foreigners in the country earlier this year demanding that traders must have one million dollars as minimum foreign investment capital to trade as stipulated in the ministry of trade and industry GIPC ACT 2013,  Bro. George Adeyinka Olajide the Leader has appealed to the Government of the two countries to work together to ensure that all disputes relating to trade are resolved speedily to the benefit of all. 

In the spirit of brotherhood, the president of the St. Francis of Assisi Nigeria community in Ghana implored all present to be law abiding as they focus on their legitimate businesses. This comes at a time the federation of Nigeria celebrate its 59 years of independence. 

In an address to all and sundry during 2019 Agape Celebration at Holy Family Catholic Church, the president of the society groan saying that brothers and sisters who migrate from home in search of greener pastures are being harassed daily across the world due to the insensitivity of government at home to the plight of Nigerians by failing to address the power/electricity challenge and corruption.

In the wake of Xenophobic attack against Nigerians and other African nationals in South Africa, Bro. George Adeyinka Olajide entreated all Nigerians in Ghana and the diaspora to be calm, support and assist each other in the spirit of true Christian charity and be worthy role models to the youth just like the benevolent act of Mr. Allen Onyema who through an unprecedented act of patriotism single handedly evacuated the stranded Nigerians out of the Republic of South Africa in the aftermath of the recent  Xenophobic attack.

Bro. George Adeyinka Olajide saluted the efforts of individual men and women, whose labour and toil gave birth to St. Francis of Assisi Nigerian community. Heartfelt gratitude went to Francis Cardinal Arinze for espousing the essence of living in unity with one another and by influencing it on individual Nigerians to form a formidable union comprising of all Nigerians irrespective of tribe and race.

Special thanks went to His Grace Charles Palmer Buckle the then Archbishop of Accra for inaugurating the society in 2011 as well as Most Rev. Bonaventure Kwofie, Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra for His fatherly role played.

The society used the occasion to unveil St. Francis of Assisi statue, their Patron Saint. 





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