Sue Balatif, popularly known as Baba Sue a poet and a student of the University of Ghana, Legon, loves to share her feelings through writing of poems.

During the third Dcoded Show, a Campus Talk Show held at the Bank of Ghana Auditorium, University of Ghana, Legon, on the topic: “Nomophobia”, Mobile Phone Addiction, it has been cleared that many become addicted to phone because of how lonely and rejected they feel. 

This time round, Baba Sue hit the ground with an interesting poem entitled “An Open Letter to my Depression”. In her poem, she expressed to all about her way of life, how she sees herself and the challenges she faces in depress.

“… you depression my childhood friend, the night voices in my head, a slick tong, you pretend to have the answers but luckily you got me sick, you got me suicide ward…”

“… you are contradiction, a house of lie. You my depression, you are a house of teeth and you write to me a story without a rest. You will kill me, fold my mouth into a beautiful hunting and name it vacant wilderness…” 

These are her expressions on how depression has imprisoned her whole being. 

Baba Sue has finally realized her down fall and alleged for herself that:

 “…you cannot have me. I am not my path. I am wealthy; I am forgiving myself for not being strong enough to believe in myself…”

Depression placed her into the period of unhappiness but she overcame it as she says:   

“… but I will rather tell you that I am letting you go, I am letting loneliness go, I am letting failure go, I will not give up…”

By Theresa Kpordzo

DEPSOCOM News, Accra

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