EVERY BAPTIZED MUST FEEL SENT… Archbishop Charles G. Palmer-Buckle

Archbishop Palmer Buckle has charged Christians to show consciousness in their relationship with Christ and build relationships that are life-giving always.

This message comes at the time the people of God unite in prayer for the extraordinary mission of the church to the world over by preaching, praying fervently and spreading the good news of Christ to the world.

The Accra Archdiocese of Accra had exchange of pulpit and it is expected that every priest will evangelize in another parish but extraordinarily, St. Mark Catholic church witnessed the visitation of the former Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev. Gabriel Charles Palmer Buckle now Archbishop of Cape coast.

“Every Baptized is a mission, a born again, a new person, a child of God whose life must be joyful and cheerful set apart as different because you believe in Jesus and pray night and day for Jesus to change what is bad…” hence every Baptized must feel sent, He added.

The soft speaking Archbishop urged all gathered to believe in prayer for it is only by prayer made out of love that God can change corrupt leaders and help individuals to defeat the enemy. Christians are to support with prayer their Priests, Bishops and Pope to defeat indiscipline, evil, corruption, injustice, nepotism.  He reiterated the call of Pope Francis to pray for Heads of States. The word of God equips Christians to reproach, correct, and build; never stop spreading the word of God which is Jesus.

The Catholic Church is in mission to the whole world in the Month of October 2019, an extraordinary month to celebrate the centenary of promulgation of the apostolic letter called Maximum Illud of the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XV on 30th November 2019.

Listen to Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle’s sermon.

Juliette Y. Manomey


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