The Vatican prepares for the inauguration of the Nativity Scene in St Peter’s Square

The Nativity Scene and Christmas Tree will be inaugurated on the 5th December in St Peter’s Square. Meanwhile, a Nativity Scene, by the Pare di Conegliano Artistic Crib Group will also be exhibited in the Paul VI Hall.

On Thursday 5 December, Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello and Bishop Fernardo Vérgez Alzaga, respectively President and Secretary General of the Governorate of Vatican City State, will inaugurate the Nativity scene and the illumination of the Christmas tree set up in Saint Peter’s Square.

The crib comes from comes from Scurelle in the province of Trento, while the 26 meter high spruce tree comes from Rotzo in the province of Vicenza, Italy.

The Nativity Scene, which has been made in the Trentino tradition, is said to contain 20 life-sized figures.

Both the tree and the crib are linked to a storm which hit many areas of Triveneto in Italy in October and November of last year.

Meanwhile, the Pare di Conegliano Artistic Crib Group, who hail from the province of Treviso, have been tasked with setting up the Nativity Scene inside Paul VI Hall. This crib will be full of references to the Veneto region and is a gift to Pope Francis.

The wooden statues are 120 cm high and are entirely carved by hand. The Holy Family will find hospitality in a nineteenth-century Gothic inspired structure.

The artistic lighting system will have low environmental impact thanks to adjustable LEDs in the light intensity.

Like the tree and the crib in St. Peter’s Square, the crib in the Paul VI Hall will remain on display until January 12, 2020.

Source: Vatican News

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