St. Francis Xavier Young Christian Workers Fete the Sick and Aged

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kotobabi Young Christian Workers (Y.C.W), on Thursday, December 26, 2019, gave the sick and aged parishioners some good treat.event is annually championed by the vibrant Young Christian Workers in collaboration with the Priests.

It is a day when the sick and aged parishioners who due to one form of indisposition or the other are unable to come for Holy Mass are given special attention, and dispensed with the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.

As is the custom every year, the vibrant Young Christian Workers visited the various homes of the sick and aged and drove them to the parish to part take in the sacramental celebration of anointing of the sick and aged. A gesture worthy of commendation.

The second part of the celebration which took place at the forecourt of the Chapel saw the exhibition of various cultural performances much to the delight of those present.

The Young Christian Workers ensured that each and every sick and aged parishioner was given a package for the festive season and refreshed before departing to their various destinations.

A team of medical personnel were also present to take the sick and aged through some medical screening.

The Assistant Parish Priest, Rev. Father Nicholas Dzikunu in his homily, said, infirmity is an old age phenomenon as a result of the disobedience of Adam and Eve. He again said, it is our duty not to neglect our parents in their old age especially when their minds fail them.

The Parish Priest, Very Rev. Father Nicholas Larsey also added his voice to the homily by encouraging all the sick and aged present to get rid of all forms of bitterness and unforgiving spirit in order to ease the pain in their lives.

He then commended the Young Christian Workers (Y.C.W) for consistently undertaking the programme year in year out irrespective of the cost involved.

President of the Young Christian Workers, Mr. Alex Coffie asked the sick and aged present to take consolation in the fact that Jesus is aware of their situation because He has passed through pain for our sake before.

Present at the occasion were media men from Catholic Digest and Ghana Television (GTV).


By: Victor Yekple

(St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kotobabi)

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