Young People in Ghana’s Keta-Akatsi Diocese Encouraged to Join Consecrated Life

In Ghana’s Keta-Akatsi diocese, during the feast of the Holy Family Sunday, December 29, young ladies were encouraged to aspire to serve God as consecrated persons by joining religious orders to become nuns.

“Those who willingly accept the will of God are guided to it to the fullest and they have their joy from it,” the Director of the Keta-Akatsi Diocesan Pastoral Centre, Fr. Peter Johnson Senoo said in his homily on Holy Family Day.

The Mass, which was also offered in thanksgiving for the religious vocation of Sr. Gifty Anastasia Blewu who recently made her perpetual profession as a member of the Sisters Mary Mother of the Church (SMMC), was celebrated at St. Joseph Quasi Parish at Alakple in the Keta-Akatsi Diocese.

Fr. Senoo encouraged young ladies to offer their lives to the service of God saying that there is joy in Priestly and Religious life.

He congratulated Sr. Blewu for accepting the will of God to become a nun and urged her to let God be always at the centre of her journey as a consecrated person.

“Live a committed community life as a religious because the journey has just begun,” the Ghanaian cleric said and reminded Sr. Blewu that “doing the work of God comes with difficulties, struggles, challenges but with faith and trust in the Lord, you can overcome them.”

“Make Jesus your role model and develop a prayerful life which is the secret to success in the (religious and) priestly ministry,” he advised.

He encouraged her “to be simple, humble, loving and accommodating in all her undertakings as a religious” and to maintain emotional maturity by not being “too emotional to issues you did not like.”

On his part, the Parish Priest of St. Joseph Quasi Parish, Fr. Mark Etsey advised Sr. Blewu to let the Eucharist be at the centre of her religious life.

He encouraged her to establish and maintain good relationships with others saying, “people who profess vows must be vivacious by relating well with others and be on the spot when their services are needed and be willing to serve.”

The Ghanaian cleric encouraged the nun to have concern for the distressed, suffering and those who are in dire need of the Gospel.

Turning to the Congregation, Fr. Etsey said, “It was God who chose Sr. Blewu to work in His vineyard” and appealed, “She will need your prayers and support in this missionary journey.”

“Pray for more vocations in the vineyard especially for the Alakple Community,” he added.

On her part, Sr. Blewu expressed gratitude to all who, in diverse ways, had prayed and supported her in formation to become who she is today.

She asked the gathering “to see the celebration as a shining star in the annals of the Alakple community” and prayed that the people of God in Alakple would facilitate the growth in numbers of more priests and religious from the locality.


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