Archbishop Kwofie Calls On All To Be Worthy Of Stewardship

Archbishop John Bonaventure Kwofie, CSSp during a pastoral visit to the climax of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Fishpond – New Achimota, has appealed to all to be worthy stewards ready to account to the Lord what He has entrusted to mankind.

The church community could not celebrate the anniversary without remembering the spiritual and financial support of  the then Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev. Dominic kwadwo  Andoh and also thanking God for using Mr. Joseph Ahiati, and Mr. Michael Owusu , catechists of the church,  who together with other devoted members commenced the church community on 14th August 1994.

The celebration which fell on The Feast of Epiphany was a moment of bliss. A number of priests and friends of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church, Fishpond –New Achimota, converged as one universal church to solemnly mark the climax of its 25 years of existence in a Holy Mass. Good will messages came from priests, religious brothers and sisters, past and current Parish Pastoral Council Chairpersons, the Parish Youth Council and all the societies of the church community.

In his homily the chief shepherd of the Accra Archdiocese said The Feast of Epiphany of the lord is manifested to the whole world as king. He compared the action of King Herod to the present day sycophants whose words and actions may appear genuine yet it is to deceive.

The 5th shepherd of the Archdiocese of Accra urged all to desist from “pull him down” syndrome; a reaction out of envy and jealousy especially among families and working environment. “We are still in Bondage, we are still in chain as a result of sin of envy, sin of hatred and sin of jealousy, Archbishop Bonaventure added.

He also sounded an assurance that all humanity shares in the privilege of being sons and daughters of God hence the need to repent, do the will of God and have a sense of responsibility to take care of God’s Creation.

The celebration coincided with the dedication and consecration of the church building and altar respectively, to the greater glory of God while 40 and more received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Awards were given to members of the church community who have selflessly contributed to the growth of the church; a 25th anniversary cake was also cut to crown the celebration.

Juliette Y. Manomey


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