Act of sex is not a miracle; rather it is something we think about – Dr. Cecilia Tutu-Danquah to the youth.

The 4th edition of Dcoded show of the University of Ghana, UG, Careers and Counselling Centre, was recently held the at Amegashie Hall Auditorium. The guest speaker, Dr. Cecilia Tutu-Danquah the founder and leader of TUCEE group of company, based her talk on the topic: ‘Satryromania and Nymphomania’ she said that the act of sex is not a miracle, but rather it is something we think about.

Sex is known to be both physically and emotionally good but can be useless and meaningless when the need to satisfy both partners through sex is not there. Many people have their own perception about what counts as sex. Some think it is obvious that sex include finger or mouth play, while for others, sex is solely penetration.

Dcoded, a yearly Campus Talk Show of the University of Ghana, Career and counselling Center, Legon, makes a difference in the lives of many by bringing together all,  most especially the youth. The talk show since its inception served as an educative program for the youth with the purpose of offering neutral perspective to challenges and stimulates the strategic thinking base on the need of the audience/youth.

During the 4th edition, Dr. Cecilia Tutu-Danquah who was one of the panelists spoke about the role of sex as a mental wellbeing of a person. “The act of sex gives a good balance in mental health. If you do it right with the right person, you will have a very good balance mentally”. One thing people do not know is that Imbalanced sex gives mental problem.

According Dr. Tutu-Danquah to the male feels the need to perform sex, so for that matter, he always feel he has given his God given responsibility. She said if a man is not able to have sex, he feels depressed. She added that the female solicits affection for sex, so she feels rejected if the affection for sex is not there.

Talking about pornographic films and oral sex, Dr. Cecilia Tutu-Danquah made it known that these can probably lead to other addictions such as drugs or substance abuse. “What leads your mind is what directs your behaviour,” she said. She further said sex is something we think about. If you always indulge in cyber-sex and pornography a time will come when you will try practicing it anywhere, anytime and anyhow which is very dangerous.

As a mother, she spoke to the heart of the young ones  saying since sex is both physical, emotional and spiritual bonding of the partners involved in that act, the number of people one has sex with will result in bonding with them. She therefore admonished the youth to “stay and do a better search before you bond”.

This year’s edition of Dcoded Show had a Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. Anthony Afriyie Amponsah, popularly called Fr. Tony, hosting four resource persons from specific fields of professions to share their experiences on Satryromania: excessive sexual drive in men

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