God is God

We often hear this time-tested truth that “man proposes but God disposes.” It is so true as we see in today’s readings. In our first reading, we hear the response of God to the intention of David to build a temple for God. And in the gospel, St. Joseph had an intention to divorce Mary quietly but God said he should take Mary to his home.

The plans of these two men were upturned by God and His will was done. Beloved, the world has become so self-centered and thinks it can do everything without the Ancient of Days. Even in our own lives we tend to trust in our intelligence, gifts, talents, etc., and forget to confer from God before undertaking anything. Most of the time, God allows it to go on and at His own time comes to write: STOP WORK; PRODUCE PERMIT. God has halted the world so that we know the world belongs to Him and He owns it. Relating this to our current situation, God is calling us to lift up our eyes to the mountains, to God, the maker of heaven and earth, for from Him our help comes.

For those of us who are afraid, the responsorial psalm gives us assuring words: the son of David shall live forever. We are more than just the sons and daughters of David; we are sons and daughters of God in Christ Jesus, and indeed we are. Thus this promise of the psalmist is more favourable for us. We shall not die; we shall live and recount the greatness of God.

In the second reading, St. Paul calls us to faith. We need to pray for the end of this pandemic but more importantly, have faith that it will end. Dearly beloved, in the arena of faith there is no WHY, as though God needs to be logical; there is no HOW, as though God lacks the technical know-how or ways of accomplishing it; there is no WHEN, as though God needs time to work. We only have to believe without our WHY OR HOW OR WHEN because he is God. This pandemic will surely end. I can’t tell you how or when. I just know God is in control.

In today’s liturgy we celebrate the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is the patron of the universal Church so we seek for his intercession against this pandemic.


By Rev. Fr. Patrick Quarcoopome

Sacred Heart Parish, Derby Avenue Accra


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