“Obey… that you may live”

By Rev. Fr. Patrick Quarcoopome

“Obey… that you may live”
I wish to exhort you with three points that will help sanctify our day in these extraordinary times:

1. The psalmist in today’s readings calls Jerusalem (and us) to PRAISE. We may ask: how can we praise or thank God in this challenging times? We thank Him because even though a number of people have died from the pandemic, we are still alive. Secondly, thanking God expresses our trust and faith in Him, that He is able to overcome it and make us victorious for we share in the victory of God. It shall surely pass.

2. Both the first reading and the gospel talk about laws/statutes and it calls us to OBEDIENCE to it. In this moment we find ourselves, let us immerse ourselves into the will of God for us by obedience to His laws and decrees. Also let’s obey the precautionary and preventive measures given us. Moses tells us in the first reading “…that we may live.” When we keep God’s commands and also the directives given, we will surely live; there is no need for fear and panic my dearly beloved.

3. Moses assures the people of the presence of God and the nearness of God to them by questioning them: “…for what great nation is there that has a God so near to it as the Lord our God is to us, whenever we call upon him?” This is very consoling, that God is near to us and when we call on Him He will come to our aid. If God is in your boat the storm will come but you will sail through because He is God. I wish to assure each one of us that God is ever close to us especially in this time we find ourselves and He will surely see us through.

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