Supreme God

Indeed, God is supreme and nothing or no one is above Him. His power is at work in the world; His power will be at work in our individual lives and situations IF ONLY we will make him take his rightful place and not relegate Him.

Today, it’s the responsorial psalm “I will extol you, Lord, for you have raised me up” that exhorts us. It is a call for us to join in extolling the Lord no matter our circumstances. And it is the right attitude we need in the extraordinary moments we’re in. Where have you placed God? Beneath, at par or above Corona virus?

To extol means to raise something/someone or to make it high or cause something to grow, or to erect something, or for something to be a symbol of might. We need to allow God to grow in us, our family and our home. We need to let God have a place in our lives. He should be our banner, our shield, the first point of call in every situation.

The Italian Prime Minister, in the face of the challenge against this Corona virus pandemic, said: “…can’t understand what more we can do, all solutions are exhausted on ground. Our only hope remains up in the sky, God rescue your people.” So what if the earthly solutions had worked for them? Then they would think it was their own wisdom or intelligence that saved the situation. We forget that all things come from God and thus, God shouldn’t be our last resort or hope in the face of any challenging situation, but our ONLY hope and the ONLY gear in any fight. Since we are still alive He has “raised us up” so we have every reason to extol Him for He alone is God and He cares.

In our first reading, God, through the prophet Isaiah, gives His assurance of bringing newness to hopeless situations. The gospel also speaks of Jesus healing an official’s son from a distance. He is a God who promises hope and deliverance(as seen in the first reading) and delivers on his promise (seen in the gospel). If we don’t lose hope in God, He will surely heal our land. Keep praying. Let your faith be firmer than ever. The Lord will heal us.
(Is 65:17-21; Ps 20; Jn 4:43-54)


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