Let God be God

Today, we learn from a fascinating gospel. When the people heard Jesus speak, we are told that some of the ordinary people said: “This is really the prophet” and “This is the Christ” yet those who are supposed to know better, the educated/elite, rather wanted to arrest Him. Even when the guards were saying: “No man ever spoke like this man!” the chief priests and pharisees wanted Him arrested. Jesus did not fit their perception of the Christ or the Messiah; thus they wanted to arrest Him, who is God, the source and origin of their life.

We can easily condemn these Pharisees and elders, but if we do some introspection of our life in these times, we will discover that some of us may be like the chief priests and the Pharisees. We may have “arrested” God so many times without knowing. You may have thought “God is not acting quick enough to heal our land of this virus” or “Why does He stand unconcerned while we perish?” or “How can He even allow this to happen to our world?” Thus the idea of God we have doesn’t fit His actions in this our time. We may have even drawn a timetable for God because you have plans you want to accomplish in this year and the more it delays, the worse your situation, and the more you feel dejected.

Remember what the guards said of Him: “No man ever spoke like this man.” His Words are His actions. Let there be and it was. Thus, what they said could also mean “No man ever acted or performed great deeds like Him.”

As we approach the Holy Week the tension between Jesus and the leaders is heightened. He will suffer injustice and an unfair trial so that we will be justified by it. If He has gone through all this for our justification, what will He not do to save us? Do we think He will leave us to perish? Let keep trusting Him in these unusual times and know that He will save us in a way that the ears of all those who will hear will tingle. Today’s acclamation should encourage us: “Blessed are those who, hearing the Word, hold it fast… and bring forth good fruit with patience.” Be patient and know that He remains God.
(Jer 11:18-20; Ps. 7; Jn. 7:40-53)



By Rev. Fr. Patrick Quarcoopome

Sacred Heart Parish, Derby Avenue Accra

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