Jesus, I Trust in You

As we have seen, the national and global situation regarding the coronavirus remains critical – it’s threatening our human existence, it has filled some of us with fear, doubt and/or despair. When we consider the numbers of cases and deaths globally and how it continues to spread rapidly, we may tend to see the situation as a state of hopelessness. We may feel we are in the graves/tomb, just like Lazurus, full of darkness, stench and hopelessness. But in all this, know that our ONLY hope is in the Lord’s intervention.

On this Fifth Sunday of Lent, we find answers and encouragement from our readings. They offer us hope and strength in these our times.

In our first reading, we read part of the famous prophecy of Ez 37, the valley of dry bones, where God promises a recreation of his people, Israel, raising them from ‘death’ and restoring them to their own land. From a hopeless situation of dry bones, God brings new life by His Spirit. The verse 14 said “…you shall know that I am the LORD. I have promised, and I will do it, says the LORD.” Whatever your situation may be, God has said something concerning it, and He will do it.

In our gospel, we encounter Jesus who weeps. Jesus weeps over all the sufferings and pain in the world, yours and mine, just as He wept over Lazarus’ predicament. He weeps over the Corona virus pandemic too. His weeping shouldn’t be interpreted as weakness but an expression of His feelings, care, concern and love for humanity and us. But most importantly, He weeps over the people’s lack of faith in His ability to restore to life that which seems rotten. Jesus who sees death as sleep can’t be incapable of doing something about our situation. By raising Lazarus from death and giving him back to Mary and Martha, He exhibits his ability to bring life to all hopeless situations.

Brethren, our world now feels broken, confused, distressed. We are in the darkest grave of a global pandemic, yet we have a God who can bring life to dead situations in our lives thus we must not lose faith in the goodness of Jesus and his love for us. Let’s remain firmly in the loving hands of our Lord, and nothing can snatch us out of his hand. Do you trust Him enough to leave the situation in His care?
(Ezekiel 37:12-14; Ps. 130; Rom 8:8-11; Jn. 11:1-45)


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