Tune in to God’s Voice

Today is the first Thursday preceding the first Friday of the month, and Holy Hour would have been observed in most parishes – a time spent before God in the Holy Eucharist, a time to tune off the world and listen to God speak to our hearts. In fact, we need to be constantly tuned in to God’s voice to hear what He has for us at all times, but most especially, now.

Thankfully, today’s first reading presents to us the character of Abraham to learn from. We see Abraham fall on his face before God. He prostrates against the ground. His eyes are closed and his face touches the ground. He sees nothing, the universe doesn’t exist any more for him and he focuses his entire attention on God. Of course, Abraham had lots of concerns then, paramount of them was his desire to have a child. But he shuts out every distraction, every worry, every challenge, and focused entirely on God. Then God spoke to him, and among the things God said to him was a promise concerning his long-time wish of begetting a son.

Beloved, God has so much in store for you and I. He has plans for our good as Jeremiah 29:11 assures us. But how can we know these plans if we don’t make time to hear from Him? Can we spend at least 15 minutes to close ourselves to the world and the challenges we are going through and focus our attention on God like Abraham? Can we spend some time to listen to Him? When we make time for God, He speaks to us and what He tells us is not in a vacuum but something that addresses our current situation. We should also spend some time to read the Bible, but more importantly, spend some time in silence.

In the very first verse of today’s first reading, there are two main actions: Abraham prostrated and God spoke. What God said to him in that special moment of encounter bore much fruit and was enjoyed by Abraham’s descendants for many generations after. The moment we will also spend today to ‘prostrate’, focusing on God, and allow God to speak, can and surely will benefit our world.
(Gen 17:3-9; Ps. 105; Jn. 8:51-59)


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