Chosen Vessels

Beloved, in God’s ‘business’ or in His vineyard, no one is indispensable. We are vessels that He uses to accomplish His greater purpose; thus, we can be replaced when we fail in the responsibility He has entrusted to us. St Paul says “Yet we who have this spiritual treasure are like common clay pots, in order to show that the supreme power belongs to God, not to us.” We see this come to bear when Judas had betrayed Jesus and had gone ahead to commit suicide. His place had to be filled, and that’s how we meet Matthias, whose feast we celebrate today.

We read from the first reading how he was chosen to become one of the Twelve in place of Judas. We should know that Matthias has been part of God’s plan all along; but Judas had an important role to play before he comes onto the scene. We can learn a lot from this as we seek to become better Christians. We need to do every task with our whole heart, to the best of our ability and diligently because we don’t know when the limelight will shine on us.

The criteria that was used in selecting the two, beginning from the baptism of John…, shows that Matthias became a follower of Jesus before some of the Twelve came onto the scene; yet Matthias still followed the Lord when he wasn’t selected as part of the initial Twelve. If you had been Matthias, what would your reaction be? When we think we deserve something because of our hard work, loyalty, activeness, etc. and yet it’s given to another person, do we continue to be active and work harder or we become sore and complain about unfairness?

Again, the two that were put forward, we can really tell that the other person was more popular or well known than Matthias. Apart from his name, Joseph, they knew his family name Justus, and even his other name, Barsabbas. Yet the lot fell on Matthias who was only known by his name and no background. The Divine election and selection is done by God so let’s not look down on ourselves or others, or think too highly of ourselves either. And in choosing people to lead us, the consideration is not the popular one or the one you know but rather the God-ordained leader.

God has a bigger plan for humanity. You have a role to play; whether in the background or in the spotlight. In either case, we have to avail ourselves, play our roles well in order to bring to fruition that ultimate plan of God.
(Acts 1:15-17, 20-26; Ps. 113; Jn. 15:9-17)


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