Little Drops of Water…

Every one of us, being part of the body of Christ, has a role to play in ensuring that the Word of God reaches the ends of the world, starting from our small corner in our own small way. Today in our first reading, we encounter a number of personalities and they challenge us to a certain action that will help us do this.

The first personality we see is St. Paul who we are told went from place to place, strengthening the disciples. By sharing a prayer together, or with some words of encouragement, etc., we can strengthen each other. Especially in this period of a pandemic, where we can’t physically congregate to celebrate our faith, we are called to strengthen each other’s faith. This call is more urgent and necessary, and we should see it as a command and a duty.

The next person we are presented with is Apollos who arrived in Ephesus and proclaimed Jesus. Interestingly, we are told he knew only about the baptism of John; however, this didn’t stop him from speaking about the little he knew. In this special time, let us speak about Jesus wherever we find ourselves: in our homes with our children and spouse, at work, on the street, etc. Just speak about him as well as you can, and in your own small way. This means all of us can and should speak about Jesus because we know something, however small.

Priscilla and Aquila are the next personalities we meet. These women took Apollos in and expounded to him the way of God more accurately. They helped him because he was lacking in something. This is a divine invitation- a call to help others. We should seek to enrich others with our gifts and talents rather than show off with it. The more we put our gifts at the service of others, the more enriched we become.

Another important lesson to pick from this is that in the vineyard of the Lord, no one is useless; we all have worth in Christ Jesus. Everyone has something to offer to enrich the community. One would have easily pushed Priscilla and Aquila aside because they were women, but it is these same women who enriched Apollos. We also need to be open-minded like Apollos to know that regardless of our position or knowledge, we can still be enriched by others in order to progress in the faith.

Lord, may I know what you are calling me today to do in my small way, whether to strengthen others or proclaim you or to help others in order to build your kingdom.
(Acts 18:23-28; Ps. 47; Jn. 16:23b-28)


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