Call of Duty

Duty means a moral or legal obligation, or a responsibility. Usually, when we see something as a duty, we approach it with the seriousness and attention that it needs. In our various workplaces and businesses, shelving our duties come with repercussions, while performing them well attracts rewards. It is the same with our duties as Christians. St. Paul, because he performed his duties well, is confident of receiving a crown on the Day. Can we also confidently expect a crown too?

As we continue with our reading of St. Paul’s second letter to Timothy, he explains this call to us and guides us through how to earn the crown. Today, he says before God and Christ Jesus, he puts a certain duty to us: Refuting falsehood, Correcting error and Calling to obedience. We sometimes admittedly perform this duty, but other times, we fail to do it.

Interestingly, sometimes we fail to do it not because our eyes are closed to it or our hearts are cold to it, but because we have said it over and over again and nothing seems to change – the status quo remains the same; therefore the energy and passion with which we undertake this duty die off. Thus we turn a blind eye to falsehood, we become indifferent to error and sit on the fence just like others. St Paul was well aware that this syndrome can set in; thus he called us to do it with patience. People may be deaf or dumb to what you are saying or doing but be patient enough to continue doing your duty for God and Christ Jesus is our witness.

The second thing St. Paul wants us to consider in this our duty is to assess our intention for doing it. For some of us, we will do everything to let our voice be heard or our actions be seen, but all for our own selfish gain. St. Paul calls us to do all with the intention of teaching and nothing else. Sometimes we refute falsehood, correct error and call to obedience just to shame the person or to show off and let people know we know. The intention of our action or what we say determines the how or the means or even how we approach it. If it’s for teaching, you consider the best possible time and action or words to convey your message.

If all of us will take up this duty given to us and do all with patience and with the intention of teaching, there will be a great transformation in our society and community and it will become heaven on earth.
Lord may I perform my duties well whether welcome or unwelcome, but only with patience and the right intention of teaching.
(2Tim 4:1-8; Ps. 71; Mk. 12:38-44)


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