God of Providence

The story of Elijah, the prophet of God, as we read from today’s first reading exemplifies our responsorial psalm – “Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” The Lord is always ready to provide our needs because it is His nature to be good towards His creation. His providence is not determined by us, with anything we do or not; so long as we put our trust in Him, He makes our needs and wants His care.

Elijah had his fair share of problems, fears, challenges, etc. He shouted out to God, cried to Him, had to even run, but in the face of all these, he was always open to following God’s Word. Sometimes we think that the fact that we are busy about God’s business, challenges should not come our way. Let’s learn from Elijah. He wasn’t immune from human challenges or problems because he was a prophet of God or was always speaking God’s Word. If it was God’s plan, he was ready to suffer for it because he trusted His word.

In our first reading we see how God provided for Elijah through ravens (birds). This was possible because he followed God’s Word and trusted in it. He could have been justified to have asked how ravens can feed him, for it has never been heard and it wasn’t rational but rather he chose to follow God’s command to depart and turn eastward. How many times have we doubted God’s providence and gone our own ways into lack.

My dearly beloved, we don’t need to worry our heads about how the Lord will come to our aid as though He is not able or something can impede His actions. What the Lord may be telling you may not make sense to you or may be irrational or never been heard. Ours is not to know the how or probability rate; ours is to trust. Know that before the Lord will utter something, He has already made provision for it.

Have we ever asked ourselves where the ravens got the bread and meat to bring to Elijah morning and evening? Did they prepare it themselves? How did they carry it? But the Word of God tells us they did. God’s plans and provisions can never be inadequate. If He can use birds to feed Elijah two times in a day for a while, then know that God cannot lack in His ways of rescuing you or taking care of you.
Lord may I lift my eyes to you especially in my darkest moments and when I’m in the valley, for nothing is impossible to you.
(Exo 34:4b-6,8-9; 2 Cor 13:11-13; Jn 3:16-18)


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