The Gift of a Mother

From the beginning of creation, God’s heart has always turned towards man and woman than the other created things. Apart from creating us in His image, he put us in charge of all he created. In their interaction with God in the first reading, we see how God gives man and woman an opportunity to explain themselves; even then, they kept playing the blame game; when it comes to the serpent, God pronounces punishment without explanation. It is to show us how much God loves us.

It is out of this unique love that he gives us His own mother as our mother too. Today we celebrate the memorial of this gift, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church. This was inserted into the Roman calendar by Pope Francis in 2018, to be celebrated on the Monday after Pentecost Sunday. This memorial after Pentecost Sunday is significant and a step in the right direction.

The role and presence of a mother in the life of the child after birth cannot be downplayed. Pentecost Sunday celebrates the birth of the church, therefore the role of a mother in nurturing the young church is very crucial. Jesus is well aware of this, hence before His death, He entrusted the church to His Mother. This is what we read in our gospel reading: “Woman, behold, your son! Son, behold, your mother!” Just like the child depends on the mother for all the essentials of life, so the church will also need that motherly guidance and help, especially in relating to the Holy Spirit.

There is no better person to play this guiding role than the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit. No person can know the Holy Spirit better than the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the spouse of the Holy Spirit. She who was considered a worthy vessel to conceive Jesus Christ, the head of the church, and nurtured Him, is the best mother to guide and help with that same motherly love and also nurture the church, the body of Christ.

My dearly beloved, this memorial is to call us to a genuine marian piety and see her as a perfect model for every disciple of her son. She who was humble enough to be a disciple of the Son teaches us how we can allow the Holy Spirit to work in us. It is time we evaluate our devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and seek her guidance in our walk with God, for she remains the perfect model.
(Gen 3:9-15, 20; Ps. 87; Jn. 19:25-34)


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