Total Trust

We’ve all been in that situation where someone (our parents, siblings, partners, work colleagues, etc.) promises us something and after having waited for so long, they tell us they’re unable to deliver on their promise. Yet still, we keep trusting these people. We even trust these people more than we trust God – the God who owns and controls everything.

Apart from the fact that God is able to provide all our needs according to His promises, He is also not ready to go against Himself. That is to say that He is a Man of His word – faithful, just, true, loving, etc. Today from our first reading, St. Paul tells Timothy: “…we may be unfaithful but God is always faithful because He can’t deny His very self.” God’s faithfulness has been tested and proven by our forefathers in the faith; man’s unfaithfulness and disappointing nature has equally been displayed since Adam. Yet, we still put our trust in man. May God forgive us.

May He forgive us for the many times we have been impatient with Him and gone ahead to do unthinkable things; for the lack of faith we exhibit when we place our cares in His hands; for trusting the fleeting words of man over His lasting assurance of supplying ALL our needs. Patience is all we need to allow God to fulfill His promise in our lives. He is the Omnipotent God, if we give up on Him, where can we possibly turn to?

St. Paul’s words to Timothy should rebuke us in our half-hearted trust in God and in His Words. He has proven that He shows Himself faithful in His dealings with man; that even when we break our part of the deal, He remains stuck to His promise because He is Himself the Promise and He cannot go against Himself.

When God keeps His promise to us, we’re to attest of it to all others to help increase their faith and trust as well. St. Paul begins this consoling and encouraging words with the statement: “This saying is trustworthy.” In other words, we can believe or rely on what he is telling us. Why? Because he is a witness to God’s faithfulness.
Lord may I put my trust in You and your Words no matter the difficulty, and let your presence bring me strength in those moments I wish to give up, Amen.
(2Tim. 2:8-15; Ps. 25; Mk. 12:28-34)


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