Three important things to know as a Christian

Christianity as an important religion stems from the life, teachings and death of Christ. The Chancellor of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra, Very Rev. Fr. Raymond Osei-Tutu, at the Holy Spirit Cathedral mentioned in his homily for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary time that there are three important things we need to know as Christians. Christians must know that they are saved by grace, work out their salvation and must bear in mind that at the end of everything there will be judgment.

As it is said in the scripture that the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, Fr. Raymond made us know that Christ is the hidden treasure that we must all seek as his followers. He therefore encouraged Christians to give their lives to Christ and work out their salvation with fear and trembling. “Christianity is such that you go in search for Christ and when you find Christ you sell your past and renounce your sin.” He said.

Most Christians these days are full of pride; to them, their success has nothing to do with God. Fr. Raymond assured all Christians that whatever has been given to them is free from God; therefore mankind is nothing without Christ. He said it is the good Lord who allows us to discover what has been hidden from us. “Our salvation is a grace from God and must be acknowledged by Christians that God has bestowed on his people salvation free of charge.”

He entreated all to be humble in worshiping God wherever they find themselves and exhibit joy at all times and in times of difficulties.

Every true Christian is someone that has been given the gift of faith by God, and in turn recognizes his sinful nature. “Christianity is not an inside church religion” he added.

In conclusion, he said that Christians should change from their sinful ways, remove their old self and wear a new clothe and this is what will make Christianity real and added that some people call themselves Catholics but do not know about God’s Grace on mankind.



Theresa Kpordzo

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