In Constant Communion

In the first reading the prophet Hananiah gave a prophecy in the Temple. Though it was a false prophecy, the people accepted and believed. He even dared to take on Jeremiah in front of the people by taking the yoke-bar from Jeremiah’s neck and breaking it. For leading the people astray, Hananiah died. We have sometimes acted like Hananiah, telling people what they want to hear instead of the truth. We have sometimes buried the truth just to save our faces. If the Lord should use the same standard He used for Hananiah, do we think we would be spared or we will perish like Hananiah?

In the Gospel, Jesus dismisses the crowds and goes up into the hill by Himself to pray. This is after feeding the crowds to their satisfaction; even before the feeding, He went to a deserted place. Jesus teaches us the importance of prayer in our lives as Christians. Out of His busy schedule, He still found time to pray. Let’s also make some time in our busyness to commune with God. If we become too busy to pray, then we have made someone or something else as the source of our mission apart from God.

Prayer helps us to have a clear vision of God’s path for us. When we read John’s account of the feeding of the 5,000 we realise that the crowds wanted to make Jesus king so He withdrew again to the mountain alone. Some start their ministry well and allow the praises of the “crowds” to enter their heads; thus they begin to project themselves instead of the man holding the instrument to work, God. Prayer makes us aware that we are working for and on behalf of someone. It keeps our eyes fixed on God rather than ourselves.

The need for prayer, my dearly beloved, should be rooted deep down in our hearts. When this is achieved, prayer will be our very life; thus we will begin and end every event in our life with prayer like Jesus. And prayer will be our first resort when we are sinking in the sea of our life like Peter. It won’t be our spare tyre or wheel. We must trust the Lord at all times even when it is difficult to do so. Do you trust in the value of prayer?
(Jer 28:1-17; Ps 119; Mtt 14:22-36)


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