Chaos in High Schools over WASSCE Questions

Following the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic, places of worship, schools and some other institutions and organizations were closed down until better ways of handling the situation were found. Restrictions were later relaxed and schools were asked to resume admitting only final year students to enable them prepare for and write their final examinations.

The ongoing West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) in Ghana saw riots among students and teachers in some second cycle institutions. The situation which was getting out of hand had compelled the Ghana Education Service to come out with some directives to deal with indiscipline in these schools. Any student found guilty of misconducts was liable for punishment.

What role has social media played in all these misconducts of students? We recall the closing down of all schools as a safe way to curb the spread of the Corona Virus pandemic; this directive brought freedom and relaxation to most youth giving them more time to surf the internet for news and updates through various media like phones, laptops among others. A host of happenings around that period may have influenced their actions today such as the awful killing of George Floyd a black American resident which led to protests that resulted in more chaos and many others. These students may have learnt that the best way to relay their grievances is through protests like these that sadly result in destructions. Through communication with their friends on phones or witnessing their friends’ exhibit such acts could have influenced these students in schools to behave in a similar manner.

Another school of thought would attribute these riots of students in recent times to the reliance on leaked exams questions popularly known as “Apor” which had failed them. Students should be encouraged not to put all their eggs into one basket; they should concentrate more on learning harder and not limiting themselves to one area. Education, they say, is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. In this light, parents and guardians should caution their children in school not to be involved in events that might cause them their lives but rather put more efforts in preparation towards their exams. Again, the internet has many other positive uses aside entertainments. Students should explore these to their intellectual benefits.




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