Pope at General Audience prays for victims of devastating explosion in Beirut

After a much-deserved break in July, Pope Francis resumed his weekly General Audience. It was held in the library of the Apostolic Palace because of the ongoing anti-COVID measures prohibiting large assemblies.

The pope lamented the serious consequences of the explosions that devastated the city of Beirut, in Lebanon.

“Yesterday in Beirut, near the port, very powerful explosions caused dozens of deaths, left thousands wounded and caused serious destruction. Let us pray for the victims and their families. Let us pray for Lebanon, so that, through the commitment of all its social, political and religious elements, it might face this extremely tragic and painful moment, and with the help of the international community, overcome the grave crisis it’s experiencing.”

During his catechesis, Pope Francis underlined once more that the pandemic is and will continue to have serious consequences.

“The pandemic continues to cause deep wounds, unmasking our vulnerability. Many have died, many are sick, on all continents. Many people and families are living in a time of uncertainty because of socioeconomic problems, which especially affect the poorest.”

That’s why, he invited the faithful to trust in Jesus—healer of the soul and body—and to follow his example, putting the best of each person at the service of society.

“In this way, we will be able to transform the roots of our physical, spiritual and social infirmities. We will be able to heal, at a profound level, the unjust structures and destructive practices which separate people, threatening the human family and our planet.”

Pope Francis also encouraged preserving faith, hope and charity despite the uncertainty of the times. Lastly, he reminded the faithful of the need, now more than ever, to respect human dignity and the preferential option for the poor, values the Church has always defended.

Source: Vatican News

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