Religious sisters and the Catholic Church

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Odorkor-Tipper, recently witnessed a colorful profession of perpetual vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience of four (4) Consecrated religious sisters. Some Catholics and even some non-Catholics believe and support the idea of allowing women to work in God’s vineyard with everything that belongs to them while others do not.

A religious sister in the Catholic Church is known to be a woman who submits her religious life totally to the service of the Church and its people. Being a religious sister calls for chastity, poverty and obedience.

Religious sisters in the Church are to help propagate the gospel to God’s own people, through their services to Him and mankind. A sister lives an apostolic life because she is engaged in the works of mercy and other ministries that take the Gospel to others where they are.

Opinions from a recent chat of Voice from the pews, a segment to know what happens in the Catholic Church had some men and women who poured out their feelings and understanding for joining the sisterhood. Below are the Voices from the pews:

Lady 1 “as you know, it is a calling so if it is a calling it comes as and when you are called to do so. I am a nurse by profession which is another calling so I have chosen those in the convent and the religious”

Lady 2 “for me I’m already married and I’ve given birth already. If it were to be in my early years I would have joined but I never had the support to enter the sisterhood. I will say that it is” too late for me to join the congregation.

Lady 3 “I wish to have my own family, have children like a family with a husband. I can’t live my whole life in the convent, no. I can’t work for God that way. I want to have my own family as well”

Lady 4 “I am not a Rev. Sister because I am called to a different vocation and there I dedicated to do my best, all in the name of doing the work of God”

Man 1 “I will be delighted if my sister wakes up one morning to tell me that she wants to be a sister, even if it’s my daughter. I will appreciate it, if it is my daughter but it is unfortunate I don’t have one”

Man 2 “my sister is one of them, she is Sister Charlotte. It was cool but you know, we all have our lives to live so I’m cool and I’m happy for her. I am a Presbyterian but my mum and dad are all Catholics. Sister Charlotte also chose her path. I don’t discriminate because we are all serving one God and I’m happy for her.”

Man 3 “I will be so excited because what Christ did for us we need to repay back. We need to get somebody to also work for Christ to win souls for the Lord so that the gospel will spread all over the world. So I will be happy if my son or my daughter tells me that he\she wants to be a sister or a priest, I will allow him or her to go and also pray for them.”

Man 4 “we would love to see a lot of people joining such congregations to help with the work of God.”

Man 5 “with me, I won’t like it because I want her to give birth to fill the world”

A religious sister must have the desire to love God with her whole being using all her gifts for the love and service of God’s people. She must be a prayerful woman, desiring at all times to grow and deepen her connection with God. She must also live a life with a heart open to God’s love, promises. Again, she should be a woman of the Church dedicated to faithful service in God’s world in love, respect and justice.

Theresa Kpordzo


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