Non- Catholics must be stopped from receiving Holy Communion

A non-Catholic, whose name is unknown, was recently caught in the act of receiving communion in one of the Catholic Churches in Accra Archdiocese. The nose mask had made him not to be recognized.

In a video, the man white jarabia and a white nose mask majestically joined a communion line for Holy Communion.  Because he did not know how a communicant must appear before the Priest for communion, his actions made those present at that moment confused.

The catechist present, upon noticing how anticipatory the man was before the priest, he walked to him and asked whether he is a Catholic. The man in his response stated that he is not a Catholic. Instantly the catechist collected the communion from the man and ate it himself.

Attention has been drawn to the fact that ushers in the Catholic Church do not know their role. Ushers have an important role to play in the Church. They were known to be the opposition function by being the first to welcome parishioners and visitors to mass. They also assist in other ways depending on the parish.

Catholics are not free to receive communion in non-Catholic Church likewise non-Catholics are also not allowed to receive Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.

There are instances such as funerals, weddings, Christmas, Easter, just to mention a few, at which large turnouts of non-Catholics are usually present. Non- Catholics cannot be prevented from attending Masses but can be stopped from receiving Holy Communion.

In some Catholic Churches, before the Holy Communion, is being shared, the usher or the MC announces to the audience that the communion is only for communicants, therefore, non-communicants must not join the communion line and for other parishes, they don’t.

Suggestions from some concerned Catholics stated that ushers should be well trained and parishioners must be each other’s keeper.

Story by Theresa Kpordzo


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