St. Bakhita praise 2020 held

St. Bakhita Catholic Church, Lashibi, an outstation of Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Sakumono in the archdiocese of Accra, recently organized Bakhita Praise 2020 dubbed “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” the program brought together Some Reverend Fathers, religious, guests, and Parishioners of St. Bakhita Catholic Church, to give glory to the Lord through music for how far He has brought them.

The priest in charge, Rev. Fr.  Hillary Agbenosi while giving his exultation during the Bakhita Praise 2020 program, urged Christians to give praise to God with all that they have and for the great thing he has done for them. He further implored that we should let not only our lips sing praise to God but we should also lift our heart to Him in praise.

The atmosphere was charged with songs of praise to God, while parishioners couldn’t help but to sing and dance. this program came at a time individuals wanted group worship after COVID-19 kept families in closed doors for a while. Their souls were lifted especially in this era of COVID-19 which has destroyed thousands of lives and also caused a lot of financial loss in every sphere of life.

Most Christians do not know why they should praise God, Fr. Hillary made it clear that we praise God because of who he is. The Bakhita Choir, knowing the awesomeness of the Lord,  sang to His glory the following songs: Christ is our cornerstone, I believe in Christ, come let us all unite, I will give thanks to God, O dema kpↄ, Agya Nyame sesa yԑn, we have come into his presence, wo ndwuma so and yԑ wo nyame.

St. Bakhita was named after the patron saint Josephine Margaret Bakhita of victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. The saint is commemorated on February 8, every year.


Story by Theresa Kpordzo



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