Generosity expands one’s life

The Vicar General, Very Rev. Monsignor John K. Louis, in his exaltation at the requiem mass of the late Rev. Fr. Michael Aggrey at the Holy Spirit Cathedral, Adabraka, which was based on Mary Magdalene, spoke about the personality of the late Fr. Aggrey. Fr. Louis told the congregation how Fr. Michael’s generosity expanded his life despite his long-lived sickness. “Because of his generosity, Fr. Michael has lived long, even though he was a sickler for so many years, because of his love he stayed longer before the empty thumb,” he said.

The Late Rev. Fr. Michael Aggrey was a compassionate formator at St. Paul’s Catholic Seminary, Sowutuom, Accra. He suffered from a sickle cell for 50 years and died on the 26th of August, 2020. At his burial bishops, priests, religious sisters, and brothers, seminarians, family members, and friends were present.

Fr. Louis added that Life at times is like standing before the empty thumb of God. He, therefore, entreated all to imitate the life of Mary Magdalene who stood before the thumb awaiting the Lord, just as Fr. Michael did.

He ended by saying that we can leave longer if we love and wait for Jesus like Mary Magdalene “It should be our prayer that since Fr. Michael Aggrey stay longer at the empty thumb of pain, the lord will give him that opportunity to see him face to face in heaven.”

Story by Theresa Kpordzo



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