Accra Gye Nyame Lions and Leos Clubs combating Childhood Cancer at Palladium

The month of September is marked as Childhood Cancer awareness month for the Lions Clubs International, a global organization of enthusiastic men and women. The Accra Gye Nyame Lions and Leos Clubs of the Lions Club District 418 Ghana joined in combating this awareness. Recently, at Palladium a suburb in Accra, the Club moved from house to house educating parents and guardians on the facts and symptoms of Cancer themed: “Cancer Awareness Outreach.” Creating awareness mostly in an area like Palladium will help to prevent and reduce the high risk of childhood cancer because children are vital to the world’s present and future.

Researchers and doctors do not know what causes most childhood cancers but there is a belief that just a small percentage of cancer can be linked to genetic disorders such as; Down syndrome and other inherited genetic abnormalities, and Environmental causes, such as exposure to infectious and toxic substances. The World Health Organization (WHO) has analyzed that Cancer is a leading cause in death for children and adolescents worldwide. Ninety 90 percent of cancer cases occur in low-income areas with a lower survival rate. This is due to the inability to obtain an accurate diagnosis, inaccessible therapy, lack of access to essential drugs and technologies.

Most parents do not know that Cancer in children exists and to some who know do not take it seriously. They move from one church to the other seeking healing for their children and at the end of the day cause death. The Accra Gye Nyame Lions and Leos during the outreach to help fight against childhood or pediatric cancer opened the eyes of many parents. They gave out their best to make sure that if not everybody in Palladium, the majority of parents will get to be aware of the trauma many kids with cancer and families go through.

They entreated parents and guardians to seek for early treatment for their children if they have shown symptoms such as headaches often with early morning vomiting, increase swollen or persistent pain in the bones, joints, back or legs, recurring fever of unknown origin, vision changes that occur suddenly and persist, constant or frequent infections, constant tiredness or noticeable paleness, a whitish color behind the pupil, continued and unexplained weight loss, just to mention a few. They also implored them to let not only their children but other children to survive.

Study says that a child is diagnosed every two (2) minutes with cancer worldwide.

The Accra Gye Nyame Lions Club of the Lions District 418 Ghana is located in Dansoman for individuals who love to serve by giving out their time and effort to others in their communities. Their Leos are the youth arm in Dansoman and its environment, who also love to serves others in their communities.

Story by Theresa Kpordzo




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