Catholic Archdiocese of Lome Togo ordained 3 priests together with 19 Deacons.

It was a joyous moment as the Catholic Archdiocese of Lome, Togo recently ordained three (3) Priests to the priesthood ministry together with nineteen (19) transitory deacons who have decided to work in God’s vineyard by Most Rev. Nicodeme Anani Barrigah-Benissan at St Martyrs of Uganda Catholic Church, Tokoin. The celebration saw Bishops, Priests and religious families and well-wishers of the ordinandees.

There are three (3) levels of the sacrament of Holy Orders in the Catholic Church, thus bishop, priest and deacon. The newly ordained deacons will be transitioned into the priesthood ministry in a short period.

The priests were given patens and chalices symbols of Holy Orders. It is given to a priest to symbolize the authority to bless and distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the people.

Deacons are said to be servants of the Church and the bishops. At the ordination, the newly ordained deacons were given the New Testament a sign of the authority to speak God’s word to His people, build them up in His truth and serve them in His name. A deacon cannot perform any of the sacraments but can preside over any other celebrations that do not involve the celebration of Mass. They are ordained to proclaim the Gospel and preach the word of God.

A deacon is called to serve the Church of God, and to work with its members in caring for the poor, the needy, the sick, and all who are troubled in one way or the other. He is to strengthen the faithful, search out the faithless and the indifferent, and to preach the word of God in the place to which he is licensed. A deacon assists the priest, under whom he serves, in leading the worship of the people, especially in the administration of the Holy Communion. He may baptize when required to do so. It is his general duty to do such pastoral work as is entrusted to him.

At the St. Martyrs of Uganda Catholic Church, priests, families and Friends of the ordained deacons and priest came to celebrate with the ordinandees.

By Theresa Kpordzo


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