Accountability “is the difference between success and failure”: Ghanaian Prelate

A Catholic Bishop in Ghana has, on the occasion of his 5th anniversary as a Bishop, underscored the value of accountability in the management of Church affairs saying it is a practice that defines success, fostering good relationships.

“Accountability promotes stewardship and inspires confidence between the shepherd and the flock and it is the difference between success and failure,” Bishop Emmanuel Kofi Fianu said Sunday, October 4.

Bishop Fianu who addressing those who joined him to celebrate five years of his episcopal ministry at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, Ho-Bankoe added that accountability fosters good relationships and productive behavior.

“Accountability builds, trust which is essential in any relationship and also improves performance as it eliminates the time and effort spent on distracting activities and other unproductive behaviour,” the Local Ordinary of Ghana’s Ho Diocese who was ordained a Bishop on 3 October 2015 said.

The member of the Society of the Divine Word (S.V.D) Missionaries also used the occasion to launch a five-year Episcopacy Report, which gave accounts of his stewardship in the Diocese of Ho.

“It was appropriate to take stock of what had been done within the period and render account to the people of God both within and outside the Diocese as being entrusted with the mandate to govern and administer the Diocese,” the 63-year-old Ghanaian Prelate explained.

The Diocese of Ho is currently executing a 10-year strategic plan, which provides for the implementation of a number of programs including pastoral care and leadership, infrastructure, socio-economic and human development, among others.

Bishop Fianu who was ordained as the second Bishop of Ho Diocese by Peter Cardinal Appiah Turkson succeeded Bishop Emeritus Francis Kofi Anani Lodonu who had administered the Ghanaian Diocese for more than four decades.

Speaking during the October 4 event, Bishop Lodonu congratulated his successor and called on the faithful to assist their leaders to build and expand the Catholic faith beyond the Diocese.

In his October 4 homily, Bishop Fianu went on to express gratitude to God for His faithfulness on his episcopal journey thus far.

“Although I find it difficult sometimes to say thank you, God, I am resolute to always understand His deeds and remain calm and grateful,” he said.

He went on to call on the people of God to pray for him to live by the will of God and to pray for the needs of the Diocese amid challenges.

Reflecting on the situation of COVID-19 pandemic in the West African nation, the Bishop urged the people of God to be calm and patient.

“At times when certain things happen to us, we tend to argue with God while wishing that He gives us answers yet God always reminds us that he has a special purpose for all of us,” Bishop Fiano said October 4.

He emphasized, “No need to argue with God because you are facing challenges in life since He knows the plans He has for humanity.”

Bishop Fianu further said that his episcopal journey over the last five years has made him realize that there is no need to “argue with God but to remain calm for his plans.”


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