St. Francis Xavier Parishioners Welcome New Parish Priest In Colourful Holy Mass Celebration

Parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kotobabi in the Accra Archdiocese, on Sunday, October 11, 2020, welcomed Very Reverend Father Dominic Amegashitsi following his appointment as the new parochial administrator and spiritual leader of the Parish amid a culturally colourful Holy Mass celebration.

In his first homily after a bouquet of flowers was presented to him with a welcome message projected on the screens of the Church and read aloud by the congregation assembled, Very Reverend Father Dominic Amegashitsi said, “Darkness is associated with evil – the evil world. One who lives in darkness or associates with the evil world is evil; what is evil is evil and what is good is good, amen.”

He continued by saying, “You must struggle as good Christians to be in the true garment. The dark world is associated with unforgiveness. There are some who cannot let go. If you cannot let go, my dear friend, you cannot wear the true garment. Don’t be proud that you are swift with retaliation – it simply means you are a very weak Christian. It is the courageous Christians, the bold Christians who are always ready to let go. For the sake of wearing the true garment be ready to let go; to be in the true garment calls for repentance.” He concluded his homily based on the Gospel reading of the day.

Very Reverend Father Dominic Amegashitsi in his remarks expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the leadership and members of the Parish for the warm reception and cultural display in ushering him in and out of the chapel.

He assumes the reigns as the new Parish Priest of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Kotobabi, on Thursday, October 1, 2020, having been transferred from Mary Mother of God Catholic Church, Devtraco Court, Community 25, New Dawhenya.

By Victor Yekple

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