Pope on All Souls’ Day: We must ask for the gift of hope

Francis presided over a Mass for all the deceased faithful in the church of the Vatican’s Teutonic Cemetery. Only a small group of people participated in the celebration, as a preventive measure against the pandemic. All except the Pope and the members of the choir wore masks.

In his homily, Francis reflected on the scene in which Job, despite his immense suffering, continued with the hope and certainty that one day he would see God.

“This certainty, precisely at the moment when his life seems to have ended, is Christian hope. That hope is a gift that we cannot obtain alone. It is a gift that we must ask for:” Lord, give me hope. “

He also meditated on the reading of the Gospel, in which Saint Paul says that hope does not disappoint, but rather gives meaning to life and draws us to eternal joy.

“Hope is an anchor that we have on the other side, and we cling to the rope: ‘I know that my Redeemer is alive. I will see him.’ This is something we must repeat, in moments of joy, in moments of difficulty , at the time of death “.

He warned about the temptation to despair and think that there is nothing after death. He said that hope in God never disappoints.

After Mass, Francis visited the Teutonic Cemetery to bless and pray for the deceased. He also expressed his closeness to all coronavirus victims and those who have died caring for them.

When he finished, he went to the caves of the Vatican, below St. Peter’s Basilica, to pray at the tombs of his predecessors.


Source: RomeReports

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