Quality Never Fades

A proud Bihecan and the eye of students of the BISHOP HERMAN COLLEGE, Paul Kpordzo in a statement he made after the vetting for the position of prefect stating that leaders of the country should have the mindset of being eager to make the country the best as he has demonstrated.

Paul Kpordzo is a second year Science student of the BISHOP HERMAN COLLEGE, KPANDO. He aspired for the position of the 20/21 senior prefect of BISHOP HERMAN COLLEGE on the 15th October, 2020 but unfortunately lost during the vetting stage.

Paul really has proven that indeed quality never fades. Even though he couldn’t make it to the next stage, the great love and trust he has for his colleague students still remains, neither has his great idea and thought for school diminishes.

The howling lamenting of the students remain same as he normally says that “in actual fact, it is best accomplished to be given an opportunity to perform a responsibility but u don’t need to be seen as a leader before fulfilling your heart desires”.

Paul Kpordzo took the opportunity in one way or the other to tell his people to always understand the fact that there will be a need to be proud of the college, however whatever they do during their stay, portrays what they will be proud of, meaning, the good things they do continue to exist and vice versa and should always go out as good ambassadors of BISHOP HERMAN COLLEGE.




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