Vatican prepares to receive anti-COVID19 vaccine

The smallest state in the world is preparing to receive the vaccine against COVID19. An “ultra low temperature refrigerator” has been purchased to store the vaccines.

It is expected that the second week of January they will have a sufficient quantity of vaccines to cover the needs of the Holy See and the Vatican City State.

The doses will be administered to his employees in the same place where the Pope has his great meetings, the Paul VI Hall, by medical personnel from the Directorate of Health and Hygiene of the Vatican City State.

Selection criteria have been established to administer the vaccine. They will give priority to people more susceptible and / or exposed to the virus such as health and security personnel, the elderly and employees in contact with the public.

It is not ruled out that Pope Francis receives the vaccine and that several doses are destined for people in need around the Vatican.


Source: Romereports

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