Have a burning desire for passion – Fr. Peter Rocky Hesse

New Year always gives Christians all over the world hope and optimism throughout the year and the many years ahead, while some religious leaders use this opportunity to torment lives with fake prophecy.

Having a passion for vision must be a Christian’s priority. By working towards our vision, and not reply to the prophecy of life, “Don’t sit-on-a-fence seeking progress instead, play your role by working towards your vision, for heaven helps those who help themselves,” Rev. Fr. Peter said.

Very Rev. Fr. Peter Rocky Hesse, the Parish Priest of St. Louis Catholic Church, Parakuo, said in a message delivered on the 31st night of December 2020, to the parishioners of St. Louis and the Christian body not to be influenced by fake prophecies because it will bring them nothing but failure throughout the New Year.

During December 31st night 2020, Christians awaited in the presence of God for seeing them through the year 2020 and, with hope and expectant of the coming year, and found themselves blessed and favored to enter the New Year.

Fr. Peter asked Christians to have a burning desire for passion at all times. He made it clear that success does not come on a silver platter but rather with great determination and balancing the equation of life.

Theresa Kpordzo





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