St. Francis Xavier Parish, Kotobabi in the Archdiocese of Accra on Sunday 3rd January, 2021 installed a new Parish youth and Parish Pastoral council for the year 2021/2022 liturgical year.

As required of every parish to elect new leaders for the next term of office, St. Francis Xavier Parish was not left out in this process as the various societies in the church held their individual elections to help in the formation of the new PYC and PPC.

The leadership of the PYC was retained for the next term due to the break in church activities that came with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The PPC on the other hand decided to elect new leaders for the council.

The Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Dominic Amegashiti commended the outgoing leaders of the PPC for their commitment and sacrifices during their term and encouraged them to extend helping hands to the new council whenever need be. The council was entreated to put in their best effort in helping the council grow and endeavour to attend council meetings at all times.

In her end of term and handing over speech, the outgone Chairperson, C/Supt/Mrs. Regina A. Tengey expressed her gratitude to God for His divine grace, wisdom and discernment given to her and her team to serve in various capacities to advance the course of the Parish forward.

Mrs. Tengey who served for two terms on the council as the vice chairperson and later the chairperson congratulated the incoming Chairperson C/Supt/Mr. Firmin A. Azitariga and wished him and his team the best of luck in their administration. “You are not a new person in the parish and there are a good number of the old councilors on the new council and with support of the parish priest, I trust you would have a flat learning curve and in no time you would settle in”, she said. She pledged her full support to the council, anytime and anywhere.

The outgone administration boast of remarkable progresses during their tenure such as the quarterly revival with healing and deliverance for the spiritual of parishioners, Praise and worship organized every last Sunday of the Month, anointing services, the launch of the maiden parish calendar after 53 years of existence and the commencement of the refurbishment of the Parish hall which is now estimated to be about 70% complete.

The newly elected Chairperson Mr. Firmin Azitariga in his acceptance speech acknowledged the efforts of all parishioners who in diverse ways have sustained both the spiritual and social life of the church especially during this difficult COVID 19 pandemic. He promised to continue the good work that the previous council began and complete all pending projects in due course. The PPC he said must promote unity in diversity. He and his team again pledged to collectively support the parish priest in fostering pastoral activities that is; assisting in pastoral planning, development and improvement in pastoral programs and services.

He finally appealed to societies to engage their representatives to ensure that they participate fully, actively and consciously in the council’s activities.



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