Meet the Ghanaian Catholic Priest celebrating 1 year making clothes to support the less fortunate.

A year ago, the GSA brand which says, “Young and Smart” by  Rev. Fr. Selase Amegashiti, a Catholic Priest of the Keta Akatsi Diocese in Ghana, was inspired to be creative, using his personal belonging to create a brand, just as a hobby but ended up as a business which has been used to support the vulnerable in the community.

After massive endorsement from his friends on social media and the Catholic community, his personal idea and creativity on Social Media yielded proceeds to assist his ministry in the diocese, mostly for the youth.

For the past year, Fr. Amegashiti has been able to give out 3 sewing machines and 4 bicycles to some ladies who walk long distances to learn a trade. But he added that since 2016 he has been giving out sewing machines. One other lady has also been put in an apprenticeship in Accra through the proceeds of his clothing line and support from my friends.

According to the Ghanaian diocesan priest, it all started with his search for a personal logo to use as a profile picture on Facebook and WhatsApp social media platforms. After a lot of work to get something unique, the logo was ready after 3 months and so he embossed the logo on some of his shirts.  “This generated some interest among my friends who saw that my shirts had the logo. This encouraged me to get other brand items for myself.”

The clothing brand that designs shirts, bags, and caps with the young and old in mind has the following explanations for its logo:

The letter G seen in the logo represents the information knowledge and past experiences one must draw lessons for the future.S represents the struggle and challenges one encounter in life’s journey that is channelled as experiences to guide and guard on life’s journey. A in the logo is a forward-pointing arrow that represents the aspiration to achieving greatness and breaking barriers while young.

Fr. Selase says that the journey has been very smooth because his initial intention wasn’t a business, but to be creative and have fun. He adds that some colleague priests have been very encouraging and have patronized it.

A year on he now owns the required machines and now able to print the shirts and caps himself. He, therefore, seeks the support of all who can help or support in any way to do so to bring smiles to the faces of the less privileged in society.


Interested persons are to contact Father on +233243566443 for their customized shirts and caps,  bags, and other items.

Juliette Manomey//DEPSOCOM Accra

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