Parents should teach their wards how to wear the nose mask- Fr. Peter Hesse

 Rev. Fr. Peter Rocky Hesse, the Parish priest of St. Louis Catholic Church, Parakuo, speaking to the parishioners of St. Louis recently, said teachers are trying their best to make sure the children are safe at school but before it can be done parents must also play their part by educating them on the need to observe the COVID-19 safety protocols, the effect of using someone’s nose mask and not wearing it properly, “teach them and show them to make good use of their face masks” he said.

Fr. Peter again mentioned that one of the things that are spreading the virus so fast is familiarity and it is creating a lot of havoc in our society and also increasing the space for the virus.

He further urged parents to use their nose masks always. He said we should not put God to the test in this trying time but, rather we should do our best and leave the rest to God and pray for a breakthrough in our world. “None of us is comfortable wearing the mask but for the sake of love, try as much as possible to protect your life, save your life and prolong your life,” said Fr. Peter.



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