Our names show you were a warrior and a Pan-Africanist – Zanetor eulogies father

Daughter of late Jerry John Rawlings has intimated that the names given to them by their father are indicative of the warrior nature of the former President.

Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings in a tribute said their names were purposefully chosen by their late father based on his beliefs on the impact of names on a person’s life.

“Daddy you are a warrior and with each one of us, you took pause to name because resonating within you was an organic understanding of a name sacred soul.

“She or he who is the earthly possessor of a warrior’s name is beholden to that name, you knew this, you did not name any of us after you to ensure we would discover our own purpose in our name sacred soul.” She said.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Klottey Korle Constituency disclosed that they were named after African warriors who fought for the goodwill of their country.

She explained; Zanetor is an Ewe extraction name, a command meaning ‘let the darkness seize’. According to her the name was given to her during a difficult time in Ghana when an end to the corruption and economic hardship was greatly needed.

She further revealed that the second child, Yaa Asantewaawaa was named “after Nana Yaa Asantewaa of Ejisu, the Queen mother who led her people to war against the British colonialist after the King of the Asante Kingdom was in exile.”

She further explained that Amina, the third born, got her name from the warrior queen Amina of Zaria in modern-day Nigeria.

According to her, Amina was the first woman to become a ruler in a male-dominated society and expanded the territory of her people to its largest borders, through several conquests, thereby opening up trade routes amongst orders.

Kimathi on the other hand was named after Dedan Kimathi, a Mau Mau military and spiritual leader who led his people in several uprisings that led to the independence struggle against the British colonial rulers.

For Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings their names not only reflect the beliefs of her father but demonstrates him (Rawlings) as a pan-Africanist.

Source: joy online

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