The word of God should be our daily bread and not cake for special occasions.

On the third Sunday in Ordinary Time, the universal Catholic Church celebrated it as word of God Sunday, which was instituted by Pope Francis to be held every year on the apostolic letter in the form of a “motu proprio aperuit illis” issued on 30 September 2019. He intended it to be a day dedicated to the celebration of the word.

The word of God has come to inform us about his will. Rev. Fr. Peter Rocky Hesse on Sunday for the word of God at St. Louis Catholic Church said that with the word of God, we are to move from formational axis to the transformational axis. He explained that the formational axis is when you hear the word of God, and the transformational axis is when you apply the word of God. He again added that sometimes we read the word of God when we are in trouble that should not be so “the word of God should be our daily bread and not cake for special occasions,” he said.

Fr. Peter said that if there should be any group of people who should be up and doing with the word of God then it should be us Christians especially, Catholics, he added by saying that we behave as if we know nothing about the word of God.

He urged all to make time for God’s word, listen to it and apply it as an individual in our everyday lives, and use God’s word as a mirror to bring out the finest of our lives. Because “When we fail to act to the word of God, he also fails to listen to us” he said and that until we can reflect on the word of God, we will come to Church and live our way of life.

The Church has put the third Sunday in ordinary time aside as the word of God Sunday to give the word of God prominently in our lives that when the word of God comes to us, we will act upon it and nothing else. Jesus did so many things, but one of the most important things he did was to preach the word of God.

Nowadays, Christians don’t bury themselves in the word of God as they should. The bible made us aware that Jesus himself who is the word of God, never narrowed down the word of God, he made it the prominent tool so far as his life is concerned. Due to that reason, Fr. Peter said “The mother Church dedicates the 3rd Sunday in ordinary time purposely for us to reflect on our attitude towards the word of God”.

He urged all to practice the word of God wherever we found ourselves. He mentioned the living with Christ God’s word, Roman Missal, and others. He, therefore, added that “We have all it takes as Catholics to read the word of God.

Theresa Kpordzo


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