Very Rev Fr. Dominic Amegashiti, Parish priest of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Kotobabi, admonished his parishioners in a homily on the 4th Sunday in Ordinary time that by virtue of their baptism they are all prophets.

Therefore, they should not solely rely on known prophets for God’s messages to them but listen promptly to the voice of people close to them since God can speak through anyone. He explained that a prophet is a mediator between God and man though sometimes they do not carry the true messages.

“When we talk about Prophets our minds should not be drawn to giants- like looking people but by the call of the sacrament received through baptism everyone share in the prophetic, the priestly and the kingly ministry of Christ, you have the prophetic spirit in you”, he said.

The first reading he said portrayed the Israelites living in fear and for that reason God was not happy with them. Indeed God does not enjoy seeing his people in fear; He is a loving Father and wants the good of his children. God told the Israelites not to live in fear because he was sending them a prophet and they should not hesitate to listen to his voice.

The prophetic messages he said are always around us so we should not take things or people for granted and that we should not expect someone great to give us an insight of a prophecy; any ordinary person can bring a prophetic message to you.

“Yahweh told the people of Israel, I will give you a prophet but listen to that prophet. There are some who do not listen; they base their whole life on their personal reasoning”, he added.

He charged all to listen to the word of God, listen to prophetic messages and by so doing they will grow in wisdom. He assured them that God will take them through the storms; He will never abandon His children and will always show His mercy towards them. Therefore all should be strengthened, have hope and not live in fear because living in fear dampens the spirit of God.


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