Listen To Your Heart And Avoid Evil- Fr. Gilbert Arhin

Rev. Fr. Richard Gilbert Arhin, Priest of St. Dominic Savio parish asked Christians to always listen to their hearts and avoid doing evil towards others.

Reflecting on the story of Cain and Abel, Fr. Richard said as human beings, we forget that we are from the same source and offend our neighbours in one way or the other, “in this world because of the many differences that may exist among us human beings, we even forget that we are brothers and sisters and we always want to offend others,” he said.

We may condemn Cain for his attitude toward his brother. But we should also search within ourselves that anytime we plan evil against the other person, we must watch our attitudes, remember that we are brothers and live in kindness towards other people.”

Fr. Richard entreated Christians to at all times offer the best sacrifice to God wherever we find ourselves because God has given us out of his goodness, something great “we must reciprocate the love of God and give out our best to those around us,” he mentioned.

By Theresa Kpordzo

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