Day 1: The Right Motivation for Fasting

Today is Ash Wednesday and it begins the Lenten season. Lent is a 40-day spiritual journey- a time we are called to deepen/renew/rebuild our walk with God. For this period to be fruitful and successful, we need to prepare our hearts and minds for it.

One highlight of this season is Fasting, and I trust you will join in this spiritual exercise. But let me ask: Why are you fasting? Is it simply because we are in Lent? Is it because the Church has asked you to? Is it to make a show to your friends or colleagues that you’re spiritual? I hope not. What, then, are the Right Motivations for Fasting?
🙏🏽for repentance
🙏🏽for spiritual strength
🙏🏽to awaken a spiritual hunger for God that may be dulled because of “desires for other things” (Mark 4:19),
🙏🏽to test and see what desires control us
🙏🏽to forfeit good things for the best
🙏🏽to express our ache for Jesus’ presence in our life
🙏🏽to demonstrate our love and desire for God above all things, and
🙏🏽to divide our bread with the poor…
Ponder upon these and work towards them during this period of grace. May God be our help.

Read:📖 2 Chronicles 7:1-20
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for a spirit-filled and a fruitful 40-days journey with the Lord.
Action:👉🏽 Meditate on Psalm 51

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