Day 3: Have someone to hold you accountable

Lent is a time for strengthening our belief in the gospel and making our hearts exceptionally habitable by cleaning it of all filth for God to once again make His dwelling in us.

The beauty of this season of grace, Lent, is that even though it is a personal and an individual journey (everyone makes this pilgrimage for himself or herself), the whole church and all of God’s people are on the same path, returning to God. Thus, you’re not walking alone; most importantly, God Himself accompanies all of us on this journey. He walks with us. This should encourage you to keep up the pace.

Let us know that on this journey, we are not to use others to measure our success or fruitfulness and we don’t have to be discouraged by what others are doing or not doing. However, there is the need to have one of those on the road with us to hold us accountable. Why?
🙏🏽They’ll pray with us
🙏🏽They will encourage us when we want to give up
🙏🏽They will be our ‘police’ to check us when we’re going off-track
🙏🏽They will admonish us when we feel like giving up altogether, and this will keep us moving
🙏🏽We can task them to help us check, at the close of each day, whether we were able to keep to the plan we made a night before.

Who is your ‘police’ in this Holy pilgrimage? A friend? A priest? A sibling? A colleague? Make your choice and God will use them to encourage you along.

Read:📖 Joshua 3:5-11
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray that you will conform to the desires of your soul to the will of God
Action:👉🏽 Do an act of kindness especially to someone you would ordinarily not do

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