Vatican authorizes new restrictions for next Holy Week

The Vatican has published the guidelines for the celebrations of this Holy Week, the second in the COVID19 pandemic.

Since strict measures are still in place in many countries that make it impossible for people to go to churches, the bishop may decide to limit the ceremonies of the Easter Triduum

The bishop will make his decision based on the good of the faithful, but also on the dispositions of the public authorities.

As the services will be celebrated in parishes and in the Cathedral, he suggests that those who cannot go follow the ceremonies celebrated by their bishop on television or the Internet.

In the services of Holy Thursday, the traditional foot washing and the procession with the Eucharist can be suspended to a special chapel.

Each of these measures depends on the final decision of the bishop of each diocese, who must prepare materials to help Catholics live this liturgical season.

The note has been prepared by the Congregation for Divine Worship. The text concludes by acknowledging that for many priests and laity it was difficult to follow last year’s instructions, but they were necessary for a public health reason.

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