Fr. Patrick writes: Combat Habitual Sin

Day 5: Combat habitual sin.

Lent is an earnest appeal from the Lord for us to undertake inner renewal: in prayer, in our response to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, in our desire for the sacraments, and ultimately in our yearning for God. With sin lingering on our minds all the time, our inner man will be unable to hear and respond to this appeal, but we can work on this.

The areas of temptation and sin varies from person to person; therefore there can’t be a cast-in-stone formula to combat sin in our lives. In the temptation of Jesus, we read of the different answers to the different temptations, but they had their foundation in the Word of God. It would be unreasonable for the devil to tempt Jesus on food during the passion. Thus the devil tempts us differently at different times and in different situations. He tempts us on what is appealing to us at a particular time.

The ancient serpent, the devil, is most cunning. He knows our souls’ desire and our lack at a particular time and that’s what he will tempt us on. As we seek to combat sin in our lives this Lent, for that is what poisons our relationship with God, let us be conscious of what we choose to do or to avoid. Consciously do something that will help you to combat that sin that has become your albatross.

Many times, we are already aware of what we need to do to overcome the temptations and sins in our lives.
🧍🏽🧍🏽Is there a bad relationship we have to break away from?
🏪🌃 Are there places and things we must detach from?
🎥📺Are there things we must stop watching or listening to?
There is definitely something we need to do or stop doing. Make a list of yours and ask the Holy Spirit to help you work on them.

Read:📖 Daniel 10:1-20
Prayer Point:🙇🏽‍♀️ Pray for the light of God’s grace to enlighten your mind and strengthen your will to be able to resist sin.
Action:👉🏽 Read a spiritual book today.

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