Papa Francisco: Do ​​not dialogue with the devil or with temptation

The good weather also increased the number of pilgrims at the Pope’s Angelus on Sunday.

Francisco calmly faced an important question, the existence of the devil.

We must be aware of the presence of this cunning enemy, interested in our eternal damnation, in our failure, and prepare to defend ourselves against him and fight him.

Francis was commenting on the scene of Jesus’ temptations in the desert. He recalled that all people are tempted, and that Jesus teaches in the desert that it is better not to dialogue with the devil.

Jesus never spoke with the devil, never. Either he expels him from the demonized or condemns him or shows his wickedness. But he never enters into dialogue.

When the seducer approaches and begins to seduce us … ‘But think about that, do this’ … The temptation is to dialogue with him, as Eva did. Eva said: ‘You can’t because we …’ and entered into dialogue. And if we begin to dialogue with the devil, we will be defeated.

The Pope also recalled that Jesus always wins the battle against evil.

For this reason, he highlighted an important anniversary for the whole Church.

Today my thoughts go to the Shrine of Płock, in Poland, where 90 years ago the Lord Jesus manifested himself to Saint Faustina Kowalska, entrusting her with the special message of Divine Mercy. Through Saint John Paul II, that message reached the whole world, and it is none other than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, dead and risen, who gives us the mercy of the Father. Let us open our hearts, saying with faith: ‘Jesus, I trust in You’.

The Pope also gave advice for these days of Lent. He proposed not to be afraid to seek moments of prayer in solitude, silence and reflection, to be able to listen to what God expects of each one.

Just a few hours after the Angelus, Francis began a spiritual exercise that will last until Friday. Therefore, until that day, he will not receive visits or hold public meetings.

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