Maria Luisa Berzosa, one of the women most listened to by the Pope

This nun is called María Luisa Berzosa. She is a tenacious woman who has participated in the last 2 synods, that of youth and that of the Amazon.

Her name came to the public arena in May 2019, when Pope Francis named her one of three female consultants to the Synod of Bishops.

“Well, the flower of all gardens, the Berzosa.”

“Here again you have me.”

Consultant of the Synod of Bishops
“At the Youth (Synod) the Pope modified the regulations and introduced, in his own handwriting, that the superiors general, whether priests or not, could vote. And that was when the difference with the superiors general was not simply whether I am a woman or a man. And that led us to ask ourselves where is the cause?

She is a broad defender of the role of women in the Church and insists that one of the main focuses of Francis’ pontificate is to awaken the spirit of the Second Vatican Council.

Consultant of the Synod of Bishops
“The Church has hurt me but I have never wanted to leave, I have always wanted to be inside. I mean, here it is. It is the Church of Jesus. Jesus and the Church is a point and a continuation for me, not separated and the Church has to help me go to Jesus and Jesus returns me to his Church ”.

For María Luisa Berzosa, the Church must urgently seek creative ways to meet the needs of people in the midst of the challenges of our times and to achieve this we must listen and give a voice to everyone.

Consultant of the Synod of Bishops
“In my daily life, what do I do as a woman in the Church? I am dedicated to spiritual accompaniment, to give exercises, to listen to people to accompany in formation. I am still an educator even though I am not in school. I insist on the daily, in our groups, in our way of being the Church must be synodal, it must be participated.

As part of the permanent body dedicated to preparing and coordinating the general assemblies of the synod, it works on the next one, which will be in the year 2022 and will precisely address synodality in the Church.

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